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Rob Clarke - References

These references are provided by some of my employers and parents of children I have taught, or the Education Review Office.
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Principal Associate Principal
Class Teacher

Ongoing reflective practice, useful feedback and appropriate professional development support individual teachers' professional needs and interests... the appraisal process is used effectively to focus staff on school priorities and their own development.”
(Education Review Office report, August 2011).

“You are allowed to be clever in this school. I am learning so much better at this school than my old one...” (students from appraisal 2011).

“The principal brings to the school a deep knowledge of best practice in teaching and learning and of how schools need to adapt to produce adults who will thrive in the future...” (appraisal 2011).

“His rapport with staff and students is second to none...” (appraisal 2010).

"One of Rob’s key strengths is his ability to forge, maintain and strengthen the relationships with the people he works with..."

e: Claire Howison - St Albans School

"He has the ability to engage with anyone. He is intelligent and reads situations and people well. He is an effective communicator: articulate, confident and appropriately direct. He is respectful of others and emotionally intelligent..."

e: Anna Tutton - parent, Fendalton School

"I believe Rob has the ability and experience to enthuse and work with a wide range of students, teachers, parents, community, other school leaders, educational bodies and support agencies that will all enhance and promote your school as a 21st century school with a focus on student learning and successful relationship building..."

Aspiring Principal Mentor, 2009

"...one of the most remarkable and talented young teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with... "

e: Mark Beach - Tahatai Coast School

"...his learner-centered approach and environment leads students to experience success..."

e: Sandra Hite - ACS Egham

"...he teaches with warmth, humour and authority..."

e: Mike Ribton - Holland Park School

Letter from parent - London

Letter from parent - Christchurch



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