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Class Teacher- Tahatai Coast School
Tahatai Coast

Tahatai Coast School was the first school to be established in New Zealand for approximately 15 years. I was targetted nationally to be part of the establishment staff. This was a very special school which had an amazing focus on teaching and learning with technology.

We worked closely with world-leading educators and consultants and Apple Computer New Zealand staff. I left this job to establish the role of education consultant.

Purpose of job: To develop a caring classroom learning environment in which all students realise their potential and succeed. To support the ethos and culture of the school in developing a learning organisation.

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Achievements - Skills & Attributes Developed











Here is a list of the achievements I made during my time in this role.

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Skills & Attributes Developed...

Area: Benefit to me as person and as an educator:
Classroom teaching Dealing with students with challenging behaviour. Grouping and differentiation techniques, student-led conferences, portfolios of work and so on.
Educational marketing Marketing a major fundraiser for students, parents and staff. Building relationships with outside businesses.
Workshop/conference presentations and organisation. Teaching adults, connecting technical skills to learning processes.
Writing for professional publications Writing technical and theoretical information for the education community.
Conference organisation/presentation Project management, planning, programme design, delivery of workshops, evaluation, writing workshop/seminar booklets, programme quality.
Establishing a new school Design of policy, procedures, establishing culture for learning.


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